Monday, November 30, 2009

It's Christmas Time!!

'Cause Christmas season kicks off on the day after Thanksgiving.

As you can see, I have decorated my blog for the season, as per last year. My winter/Christmas banner has been updated, as in the last one the snow and snowflakes were rather uneven. Also, this new version has special snowflakes dotting the I's in the blog name. Yay!

And all it took was about ten minutes of work in Microsoft paint and about the same amount of patience. Yes, I make all my own blog banners in MS paint. I start out with my basic template and then redesign as needed. A few bit of pointless trivia about the Dial R banners, if you're interested:

- The largest banner I've made thus far is the 9/11 banner.

- The 9/11 banner, along with the Easter banner, are the only two banners that don't have Dial R 4 Infinity anywhere on them. Technically, my election banners also don't have my blog name on them either, but since those banners are oneshot wonders, they don't really count.

I have also added my Christmas songs to the song list over there. If you haven't heard the Twelve Days of Christmas a la Relient K, you should go listen to it. You don't know what you're missing. That version of the Twelve Days of Christmas is amazing crazy but cool.

I do love decking this place out for Christmas. ^^ As much fun as decorating the house, not to mention a whole lot faster and easier to do.

Enjoy the music! Merry Christmas!!

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