Sunday, November 15, 2009


Several weeks ago, I was idly browsing through the CBD catalog, looking at books, which I love, when I turned a page and came across the Cd's page. Because I am a music junky, I took a minute to look at the different Cd's and point out he bands and singers I've heard before. Then a CD cover caught my eye. It was Switchfoot, with a new album, Hello Hurricane. I was excited - then I was thwarted, it wasn't out at the time.

Well, it's out now!! I heard part of one of the songs on a YouTube video the band put out, then again tonight on a commercial, for the Blackberry, I think. (Off subject, it's fun when you can go, hey I think I've heard that song before. Then they played one tiny lyrics clip right at the end, and I sat straight up and knew it was Switchfoot. But I digress.)

I came down to YouTube and found the song. And hey, I guessed the name almost right, it wasn't 'This is the Sound," but the name was "The Sound."

And if "The Sound" is anything to go by, this album is going to ROCK.

And here is the title track, Hello Hurricane.

What a shame I can't buy this CD until after Christmas. >.< Oh well, at least there's still YouTube. ^^

Turn up your speakers and enjoy, 'cause this is the sound!!

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