Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy RamaHanuKwanzMas!!

Let's make about 3% of the population mad! (Because liberals have no sense of humor.)

As most of you probably know, it's December. Even if you don't have a calender, chances are you have watched TV and seen a Christmas commercial, or gone to a store, or one of a dozen other things that will tell you one way or another, it's Christmas.

And this of course means that somewhere, some lunatic liberals is demanding that Christ be taken out of Christmas.

With that in mind, I give you Glenn Beck's Christmas classic, Happy RamaHanuKwanzMas.

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin for pointing this out to me, and others, about a year ago now. In the song, PC, of course, means politically correct.


Have a RamaHanuKwanzMas, it's the PC time of year
Every holiday displayed because of morbid fear
Have a RamaHanuKwanzMas, yes we know the name is queer
But oh good golly can't offend nobody on (____)mas this year

Oh no the Eskimos need a holiday
We'll get right back to you
When we think up one for gays

Happy RamaHanuKwanzMas
What a time for winter cheer
But if you see a Christmas tree
You'll hear Christmas jeers

Screw you, ACLU for winning the twelve
Million in your lawsuit, versus Santa and his elves

Have a RamaHanuKwanzMas
And everyone must now adhere
So by golly don't hang up that holly
On (____)mas this year

{Yes, and no more sleigh bells either}

Well, with that out of the way, I return to celebrating Christmas. Everyone, have a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas Happy Holidays MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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