Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shining Star English Lyrics!

First, a video of the song we're talking about here. This is the song Shining Star. Pretty Cool, if I do say so myself.

The only problem is that there is no translation of the Japanese lyrics. You can trust that since it's a song from Pretty Cure, it's not going to be anything obscene, but it would still be nice to know what the lyrics of the song are.

Thank to Animelyrics.com, I got my hands on a copy of the Kanji lyrics and translated them through Yahoo's Babel Fish into English. Then I did my best to romanize them, and it didn't turn out so bad, at least in my opinion.

First, the rough translation. This is what it looked like when I picked it up from Babelfish, pre-romanization.

Shining star
Answer the heart teaches obtaining always

Don’t You Think? Being conspicuous conspicuously, the
From the star which is the sky east
It grasped suddenly with the darkness
You and desire is dazzling

The [te] It is dear the [se] without beat of that chest

Shining Star
While opening the eye, there is a dream which we would like to see
Shining star
Outer space of heart with being designed (the [so] and others), [ru] future
Pretty Pretty Cure, truth key
You search pretty pretty cure
Life shining two hearts!

Don’t You think? How it is being strong
There is also a day when it halts
That it is endless insecurity
Therefore fighting you are less crowded,

When moving, the courage which does not move.

Shining Star
The eye 瞑 (the [bu]) also the [tsu] [te] has shone
Shining star
Outer space of heart ([so] and others) So the vision which does not have the times when it goes out
Mirror of pre- pre- cure mystery
Pre- pre- cure what is projected
Dream flapping 2 hearts

Shining Star
Aiming towards where it continues to run (?!)
Shining Star
The heart teaches answering always
Pre- Pre- Cure Door of Miracle
Pre- Pre- Cure Someone you open
Love is not defeated 2 hearts!

It doesn't make very much sense this way, so here is the version that I romanized:

Shining Star!
The answer the heart teaches is obtaining always…

Don’t you think? Being conspicuous conspicuously, the
Star in the eastern sky
Grappled suddenly with the darkness
You and desire are dazzling…

It is dear, the beat of that chest,

Shining Star!
When opening our eyes, there is a dream we would like to see
Shining Star!
The outer space of our hearts is planned for the future
Pretty pretty cure, the key to truth!
You search for it, Pretty pretty cure!
A shining life, your two hearts!

Don’t you think? How it is being strong
There is also a day when everything halts
That it is endless insecurity
Therefore fighting you are less crowded,*

When moving, your courage does not move.

Shining Star!
The light in your eyes has shone!
Shining Star!
The space of your heart and others has a dream that never fails
Mirror the mystery of pretty pretty cure
Pretty Pretty cure is what is projected
Our dreams are flapping [on the wings of our] two hearts

Shining Star!
Aiming towards where it [our dreams] continues to run
Shining Star!
The heart teaches, answering always…
Pretty Pretty Cure, the doorway to miracles!
Pretty pretty Cure, (Someone you open)**
Love is not defeated, [we have the power of our] two hearts!

Some day, someone who can actually speak both Japanese and English will translate this song and we'll get a version that's a better. For now, this is my version.

The first asterisked line, "Therefore fighting you are less crowded," frankly, I had no idea what they were trying to say by that. Perhaps that by fighting you are freed from your fears? I don't know, so I just left the line alone.

The second asterisked line, "Someone you open" could have meant some power that you open, but I wasn't certain about that either. Therefore, I left that alone also.

Anyway, I hope the transformation was helpful!

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