Thursday, April 9, 2009

Rest Easy

Before I start down my Kill the Bill aisle, I think I need a breather.

I didn't start this blog with the idea of another Conservative blog in mind. I use it for other things besides the occasional irritated report of what Obambi's Obama's doing, and I'm about to start on those reports again. But for now, I could just use a rest, from everything.

This song ended up on my Mp3 by mistake. I didn't want it there, but I never actually got around to taking it off the machine. One night, I actually listened to it, and found out, it was amazing. Give it a shot.

Audio Adrenaline - Rest Easy

I am such a sinner, I fear my evil ways
I fear my imperfection, I fear my final days
I just want to take control, and snap this rusty chain
Drop my heavy burden, it seems to be in vain

....I am not a bold man, even though I want to be
I am just a dreamer, with a timid history
Scared of confrontations, I fume all through the night
The world has it's hold on me and I just want to fly
The sky, the sky is open wide
but I can't fly, 'til I step aside

...Rest easy, rest easy
rest easy, in My embrace
Rest easy...

Lyrics snippets from

Rest Easy.

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