Saturday, April 25, 2009

The FFN Slang Dictionary

If you spend any amount of time on FanFiction.Net, you will undoubtedly run into odd slag terms. (It's like we're speaking a separate language.) If you spend enough time on FFN, you will eventually begin to learn what these terms mean.

However, even some people who've been on FFN for awhile still find these terms confusing. So over here, I'll list out some of the more common FFN terms, and what they mean. Some of these terms are seen all over the net, and some are exclusive only to FFN.

rolf = Rolling on the floor laughing

lol = laugh/laughing out loud

pwn/pwned = own/owned

R&R = Read & review

OOC = out of character (refers to having character A act different in the fanstory than he did in the movie/book/ whatever he originally came from.)

OC = Other Character. This refers to a character that you designed to put in your fanstory. Also known as fancharacters.

Kawaii = Japanese word for cute

Uber = German word for ultra

AU = Abbreviation for Alternate Universe

n00b = This is what we call newbies. Yes, on the Internet is spelled with two zeroes.

lmao = laughing my @$$ off.

Cannon = Oh, my, this is a hard one to explain. Let me give you an example. In the Sonic the Hedgehog series, one of the characters, Shadow, uses a power called "Chaos Control." In one author's story, he changed Shadow's power so that instead of Chaos Control, Shadow used pyrokinesis. He altered cannon. Do you kind of understand?

Fluff = I'm not really sure about this one. The only thing I can really tell you is that it usually goes hand in hand with Romance stories.

Now, for other important words, that you want to watch out for.

Hentia = Internet term for explicit pictures/ acts.

Lemon = explicit

Lime = like lemon but worse.


Slash = This term is used to indicate that two of the characters will be involved in homosexual relationships.

Yaoi = This term also refers to two characters involved in a homosexual relationships. This term, however, refers exclusively to two male characters involved in the relationship.

Yuri = Once upon a time, this was a decent, respectable Japanese word for lily. At least until the yaoi-freaks got their hands on it. This refers to homosexual relationships between two female characters.

Slash, Yaoi, and Yuri are posted only for reference. I do not support, promote, or endorse these types of stories.



So there you have your basic glossary of commonly used FFN terms. if there's any slang I missed that you want to know what it means, leave a comment with the term inquestion, and I'll get back to you.

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