Friday, December 17, 2010

Let's celebrate Christmas Winter!

Guess who's bad from finals, and still alive? Me! I'm still waiting to get the grade back on one of my finals, but it looks like no matter what I get for that one, I'm still going to pass the class, so everything is good.

Now, some of you may remember that in years passed I have really decorated my blog for Christmas, but Blogger has now updated their design blog layout and I'm having trouble navigating it. I think I have it figured out now; but we'll see if I can navigate it back to normal after Christmas. Let's hope so.

But for now, let's get on to what I came down here for: songs that mock the enforced political correctness of Christmas! (As an aside to this, a bank in Oklahoma was forced by the federal government to take down it's Christmas decorations. Encroaching government much?)

But let's get on with the music. First, Glen Beck's classic, "Happy RamaHanuKwanzMas"

Click here for the lyrics.

This year I have a new one that was pointed out to me by the Gateway Punditeers this morning. It's "The Twelve Days of Winter" by a Heidi Harris, a talk radio host out in Las Vegas. Hurry and watch this video quick, before YouTube gets around to taking it down!!

I wonder if I'll get any more PC bashing songs next year. Ooh, I hope so. But in the meantime,

Merry Christmas! (And Happy Hanukkah to any Jewish readers. )

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