Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Critterpalooza winners, Stupid Twilight Books, and so on

I apologize for the long delay. It's the week before finals at college, and i don't expect things to get any less hectic until finals are done.

So first things first - the Critterpalooza winners are in!!! And I won a prize! Oh, wow. This is so cool. ^^ Click here for the full scoop on the giveaway from the Bookshlef Muse.

Now let's talk about Twilight. But if we're gonna talk about Twilight, then we have to get the Emo Vampire Song first.

Good. Click here to get the lyrics.

Now, I've blasted Twilight before on this blog, because I think the book is shallow and vapid. It's kind of funny actually. I picked it and several other books up at the library the other day, and one of the other books was a book about the Civil War. So on the one hand, I had Breaking Dawn, a book that makes me look like a teenage ditz, and a book on the Civil War, which makes me look like a somewhat intelligent young woman. But I digress.

So I have Breaking Dawn, the last book, and I can't help but wonder why people like this series so much. Edward and Bella and angsty martyrs and Mary Sues to boot.

A Mary sue is a character with far too few flaws to be believable. Mary sues are also known by their ability to get their hands on things that no one else can have. Like that car Edward bought Bella that several other characters whispered to each other about "That thing's not even out yet!" That firmly cements Edward's status as a sue. For more on Mary Sues, Google is full of info.

Alright, enough complaining about Breaking Dawn. I'm off to go do other things, and I don't have many plans to be posting until finals are over. Wish me luck.

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