Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tomorrow's Political Forecast: Partly Tyranical with a 53% Chance of Atlas Shrugging

Is it just me, or have things actually gotten worse since the Dems were voted out? Oh wait, it's not just me - It has.

Alright, so the Democrats are angry that we rejected their tyranny, but I don't understand why they still have the power to ruin our lives like this. It annoys me.

Let's see, what all kind of crud has happened the past few days? Well, tonight I got word that the FCC has decided to start regulating the Internet. (Keep your hands off my computer! Dial R 4 Infinity is a No Net Neutrality zone!!) Also,

- The Senate passed a food safety bill that gives the FDA more power. The Republicans abandoned the Tea Party to jump on board with the Democrats. You can follow this link to see several lies about that bill get debunked. (Even if you don't read that food safety bill, I strongly suggest reading NaturalNews article in the second link.)

- In an utterly stupid move, the Senate decided to repeal Don't Ask Don't Tell. The stupidity of this is just mind blowing. It's an army, not a social club, and it's no place to host a social experiment like this. In fact, I can predict how this ends because everytime I hear about a different country that allows fags to serve, the army can't fight worth squat.

- The irony meter went through the roof on Sunday when Wikileaks traitor Julian Assange's lawyers went out and complained that details about their client's sex life were leaked. (We read the documents on Wikileaks.)

And last, and probably worst (maybe...it's hard to tell) is the fact that the Republicans also collapsed on the START nuclear treaty with Russia. Now there is a motion to advance it. (Irritating me even more is the fact that one of my idiot Senators, RINO Dick Lugar, voted yes. Democrat Evan Bayh, who has retired, abstained from voting. I never thought I'd appreciate a Democrat over a Republican, but I do in this case.)(Wait a minute, I just admitted that I prefer Bayh over Lugar. What is this, the apocalypse?)

I digress. Today I was thinking about all this crap and I thought, you know, I'm getting an Atlas Shrugged vibe here. Who knew Ann Rand was qualified to be a prophetess? In Atlas Shrugged, the government is always after more power. And when whatever they're running fails, they demand more power to make sure it doesn't fail again. (even though the collapse was their fault in the first place.) That's what's happened with this new Food Safety bill. The FDA botched up, so of course they want more power now to make sure they can screw up our lives don't screw up again. (See lie #5 on the Natural News link up there.)

DADT qualifies under the 'making life fair' part of the government in Atlas Shrugged. And yes, the government in the book did try and make life fair. (They also used class warfare. I'm telling you: flat tax.)

Ever since Obummer came to power I've heard different people say it was like they went to bed in America and woke up after the election in a Banana Republic or the Twilight Zone or something like that. Well, now that I'd done reading AS, it feels like I went to bed in the real world and woke up in the book.

Which begs the question: WHERE IS JOHN GALT? Where is the person is going to restore sanity to those with the minds to accept it? I'm ready to accept it. Heck, I'm ready to move to Galt's Gulch. (Though I admit it will be hard to ship my books out there.)

All joking aside, no, I really am waiting for the person who's going to save America. And no, Obama is not qualified to do that job. Heck, he's not qualified to a Wal-Mart cashier. So who's going to save us now? (Oh heck, for that matter we may as well ask who is John Galt?)

No, I'm not giving up. Not yet. We still have another shot, as soon as January fifth rolls around. But it's not coming fast enough. This lame duck session should never have happened. Obama knows this is his one last shot to get the things he wants done. He is such an idiot it isn't funny. Washington D.C. is suicidal, and they want America to die with them.

Paging John Galt.

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