Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Dream 2012 Administration

I have a dream.

And in my dream, everything since January 20, 2009, never happened. It was all a hallucination. I don't know what I overdosed on, but when I wake up, everything will be better.

Well, okay, Obama being president is a nightmare I can't wake up from, but I still like to dream.

And because soon gas will $4 a gallon and I'll REALLY lose my mind, I began thinking about 2012. If the fact that Obama is running again isn't enough to scare you to death, then you should at least feel really bad that the only thing we'll get from the Republican party is undoubtedly a useless RINO. Then Trump will run and split the vote, and we'll all be screwed. (Thank heaven for term limits, at least.)

No, the Republican Party should probably be abolished. We'll have to replace them with a group of people that actually have spines and won't pander to the Democrats. But it's not to late for them to save themselves. I have some suggestions for a great Republican (not RINO) administration.

First off, the president and VP.

Herman Cain - President
Sarah Palin - Vice President.

See, Republicans? I'm willing to compromise here. You destroy Obamacare, restore our country, and stop giving us useless RINOS, and I'll only have Palin be the VP.

At least until 2016.

Now, onto the other members. First, pass a law preventing any more Czars or similar entities, ever. Then fire Eric Holder. Then give the following positions to the following people:

Secretary of Defense - Colonel Allen West (Who better to defend the country than someone who's done it before?)
Secretary of the Treasury - Donald Trump (Because people with business experience tend to do a bit better then tax cheats.)
Secretary of State - Michele Bachman (No more ridiculous reset buttons - or pandering to the enemy.)
Head of Departement of Homeland Security - Abolish this office and give these powers to the Sec of Defense.

Abolish the Secretaries and Departments of Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban development, transportation, energy, and education. the rest of the positions can be filled how Cain and Palin see fit.

An administration like this could be a dream come true.

Certainly it would be better than the nightmare we have now.


  1. Hmmmm...not bad, not bad. Only change I'd make is Donald Trump. I wouldn't let him anywhere near my administration.

  2. Thank you. I'm afraid I have to diagree about trump, though. I think he could get the finances in order.