Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Koran Burning Drama Goes On and On!

No, it really does.

I have some...interesting news today. All of this news was discovered over Easter weekend but not posted because, hey it was Easter and I had better things to blog about. But Easter is over so let's get to this.

In the bruhaha over Terry Jones burning a Koran, you may not remember that a New Jersey transit worker burned a Koran last year, and then got fired for it. Yes, he was fired for committing an act of free speech. Well, guess who helped him get his job back? The ACLU. Yes, that ACLU.

From's Green Room:

Whoever said politics makes strange bedfellows sure said a mouthful. Witness the case of a New Jersey Transit worker who was fired last year for setting fire to pages of a Koran outside the proposed mosque site near Ground Zero.

Not only will the man, Derek Fenton, be getting his job back. He will be reimbursed for every day of pay he lost since his firing and will also receive $25,000 for pain and suffering.

But here is where the story gets interesting. The terms the settlement, which are detailed above, were negotiated out-of-court on Fenton’s behalf by attorneys for—wait for it—the American Civil Liberties Union. Equally jaw-dropping is the name of the individual who originally condemned Fenton’s actions and supported his dismissal—Republican Gov. Chris Christie.
I am actually not surprised to hear about Christie being a dhimmi. I've known about his dhimmi tendencies for a while now.

In a statement, Fenton said:
Our government cannot pick and choose whose free speech rights are protected, based on whether or not they approve of the content of our statements or actions. This is the very essence of the First Amendment.
The Attorney General’s Office and a spokesman for the governor declined comment, which is understandable. The ACLU coming down on the side of a protester against the downtown mosque project probably left them speechless.
They weren't the only ones left speechless when they heard about it.

What makes this story ten time weirder is the fact that CAIR, the terrorist-supporting Council on American-Islamic Relations, came out and endorsed Fenton being re-hired. You can read about that over on HotAir.

Did the whole world just turn on its head?

In other news, Terry Jones - yes, Mr Koran Burner himself - was put in jail in Dearborn MI. Not because he'd done anything, but because the judge thought he might do something.

My "Sharia Advancing" and "Constitution is being violated" senses are tingling.

Jones was going to protest outside a mosque, and the Sharia-compliant judge decided that that certainly wouldn't do, so he preemptively put Jones in jail and forbade him to go near the mosque for three years. Despite this, Jones, who apparently understands that whole 'freedom of speech' thing better than the judge, is going to protest anyway.

All I have to say about that is, well, be careful, and good for him. Judges don't make the law and they are certainly NOT above the Constitution. The judge can take his sharia and stick it where the sun don't shine.

Via Gateway Pundit, via The Hill:
Controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones said he will follow through on his plan to protest outside an Islamic center in Michigan next week despite a judge's order to stay away from the mosque for three years, according to a report from the Detroit Free Press.

Jones had planned to protest against jihad and Shariah law outside the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn on Friday, the largest mosque in the metro-Detroit region that is home to one of the largest populations of Arab-Americans.
However, Judge Mark Somers ordered Jones and pastor Wayne Sapp to jail after a jury determined they would likely breach the peace. Somers set a $1 cash bond for Jones and Sapp and ordered them not go to the mosque or adjacent property for three years.

"The arrests, the whole proceedings, were a definite violation of our Constitutional rights," Jones said. "As a matter of fact, we were arrested and had not even committed a crime. It is a complete violation of our First Amendment right of freedom of speech. It was clearly influenced by the mosque."
The mosque, huh? I believe it. Let's see the Index on Islam. Hmm... I think what we might have here is a case of Muslim supremacy. Muslims think they are better than us, and demand to be treated better than you and I. Apparently this includes not having to be inconvenienced by someone else's freedom of thought.

You know, I don't like to come out on the side of people like Jones, but if he keeps standing up for my right to commit acts of free speech against Muslims then I'll have to.

One last thing before I close. for his next act, Jones is contemplating putting Muhammed on trial:

Florida pastor Terry Jones should quit while he’s ahead. Or maybe that should read “while he has a head.”

Jones, who made headlines in March for burning a copy of the Koran and more recently for his putative role in inciting protests of his actions in Afghanistan, is now contemplating Act 2 of his real-life morality play. One possibility under consideration is placing the Islamic high prophet Muhammad on trial, presumably for "crimes against humanity," Jones’s rationale for burning the Koran.

“It is definitely a consideration,” Jones told the English newspaper The Telegraph on Saturday.
I gotta admit, the guy has guts. He might be crazy, but he's got guts.

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