Saturday, April 23, 2011

Info Dump: Patriot Guards Riders, Heritage Foundation Tax Graph, and More

Well, it's time to clean out the favorites again! First, let's do this video about the Patriot Guard Riders.

This video was amazing. We all know that the Westboro Hive of Liberal Scum is, well, liberal scum. The Patriot Guard Riders make dealing with those losers a little easier though.

I am not an overly sentimental person, but at 5:52 when they show the Guards riding in, looking for all the world like heroes about to go on a great rescue mission, I had tears in my eyes.

One of the things that has always bothered me about the Westboro scum is that they don't seem to comprehend that it's because soldiers are dying to preserve freedom that these people have to the right to be the lowest scum on the earth.

God bless the Patriot Guard Riders.

This next video is about the national debt. I was urged by Opus #6 of American Perspective to pass this on. I think she's right.

Watch - and be terrified.

If it scares you, PASS IT ON!

This final video goes back to the Koran burning incident. I feel that this needs to be reposted because of the very, very good points this guy makes.

Several things jump out at me from this video.

1)Obama is either insane or a Muslim. Or both.
2)I used to think the Petraeus was good general, now, eh not so much.
3) Can we air-drop the Clintons into Afghanistan? And then forget to ever go back and get them?

But all joking aside, it is insane that Bible are burned by the government yet the government MUST MUST MUST go run out and condemn Terry Jones. And then the directives on how Korans must be handled at Gitmo. What kinda BS is this?!

Also, am I the only one who noticed that no Christians were out rioting in the streets after those Bibles were burned? Gee, it's like Christianity is ...peaceful. Truly peaceful, unlike the religion of outrage/violence/hatred/anger, Islam.

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Here is a tax chart from the Heritage Foundation. This chart is wider then my blog, and I apologize, but please follow the link at the bottom back to their site and see it in full.

Tax Day
Via: Heritage Foundation

And one more chart before I go. Want to know how much is spent on entitlement programs? Well, here's the only chart you need to see to understand why the US is screwed.

I hope you all enjoyed the videos. Umm, as that was possible, anyway. Thanks for reading.

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