Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Answer is a Resounding, "NO!"

The question is, "Should Florida Pastor Terry Jones be held responsible for deaths in Afghanistan?" Now, I know the current crop of idiots sitting in Congress thinks that the answer is yes, but Jones did not go and chop any heads off. It was -wait for it- the MUSLIMS. Yes, the Religion of Perpetual Outrage, back at it again. Or did they just not ever stop? This will come as a surprise to a lot of people - including Lindsey Graham - but we have a little thing in this country called "freedom of speech." It's not just for reporters, it's for everyone. Including slightly wacky pastors who decide to poke nests of bloodthirsty marauding vipers in the eye with a stick. You can do that in America. You can't do it in, say, Iran.

But with all these religions and different groups going around causing violence, maybe there is a point to be made here. I mean, if these different groups go around offing each other all the time, we'll have World War III before you know it. After all, who can forget -

- How the Christians called for the death of the artist who made the "piss Christ" exhibit? Oh wait! They didn't!

- How angry Buddhists went out and protested after the statues of Buddha were destroyed? Well, the statues were destroyed, but the Buddhists weren't rioting.

- How angry rednecks rioted in the streets after an American flag was burned! If you don't remember hearing about this, that's because it never happened.

-How Hindus and Sikhs murdered Muslim men for grooming their daughters for sex! I would have given them an excuse note for that one, but they didn't. Indeed, the article says that the two communities should commended for the restraint they showed.

- How the Jews firebombed the Muslims for their building a mosque on the remains of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem! If this didn't make the news where you live, that's because it didn't happen!!

No, invariably, there's only ever one group of 'people' that get angry over every little thing, and that's the Muslims. And these people are angry over everything. I am not kidding. Which religion in the works itself into a frenzy over an imagined vision of their god's name on an ice cream wrapper? That would be Islam. Which group of people in the world get into a snit because of a collection of privately owned porcelain pigs? Yep, Islam again. What religion demands that interfaith rooms be declared Muslim-only? Oh come on, guess!

Here is a list of things that Muslims find offensive. I don't call Islam the Religion of Perpetual Outrage for nothing. These people are ALWAYS angry. Which is fine by me - if you want to be miserable your whole life, then by all means don't let me stop you, but don't you DARE try and tell me what I can and can't do. In America, if you want to burn a Koran, that is your free right to do so.

The only thing Terry Jones is responsible for is the fact that he burned a Koran. Nothing more. He was not responsible for the fact that ten people died in Afghanistan. The blame for that rests solely on a religion that hates everyone and everything.

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