Thursday, May 5, 2011

Osama bin Laden is Dead.

I don't really feel like talking about this. It happened on Monday but I didn't have time for blogging that day. However, I do have readers and they deserve a post.

Don't get me wrong, if the man is dead, then it's about time justice was served. However, I'm waiting for the media to get over it so I can go to the blogs without having to look at a picture of bin Laden's ugly mug. I'm getting tired of looking at his gross face. Ugh. How can you all keep posting those pictures?

Nevertheless, Monday was a good day. The man responsible for 3,000 deaths has finally gotten his due. As a general rule, news of someone's death does not make me happy, but this was long overdue. And now I have to rain on parades, because it's not like the War on Terror will come to an end just because bin Laden is dead. We still have work to finish in the Middle East.

And I have lots of bad news for the liberals. You remember how the little dears were in a tizzy over Gitmo and waterboarding? Well, we got the name of Obama's courier from a terrorist we waterboarded. Yes, really.

However, wussy little Obama still took forever to make up his mind - 16 hours, in fact. Wow. And I thought I was bad at decision-making. Nice to know that if some calamity would strike, Obama would make up his mind about what to do - in 16 hours! I mean, I'm all for weighing the odds before taking action, but when you're president there are some decisions that have to be made promptly. Ace of Spades added:

How does the media report this? Well, relying upon those in Obama's inner circle (that is to say, his political flunkies and spinners), we're told this:
"But the next morning after 16 hours, Obama summoned four top aides to the White House Diplomatic Room. Before they could speak, the president put his fist on the table and declared 'It's a go'."
Why does it matter that he did this "before they could speak"? They had spoken already yesterday when they strongly, strongly urged the president to give the order, and he had decided to sleep on it.

They were only waiting on him, after all.

So, after 16 hours of vacillation, during which the operation might have been rendered a failure by intervening invents, he fist-bumps a piece of furniture and finally makes up his mind.

This is something to brag about? This is, in Howard Fineman's words, "almost Biblical"?

Seems like a very cautious, feckless, indecisive individual delaying and delaying on critical decisions and then attempting to sound heroic when he finally does what he's being paid to do.
Sounds about right.

Now Obama won't release the photos of bin Laden post mortem, out of fear that releasing the photos will rile up the Muslims. Okay Obama, here's the deal. We have already riled them. They started this war, remember? They were angry that we existed, and so we got attacked by third-century savages. Release the fricking photos. All of us deserve that.

Besides, it's not like the terrorists ever give a crap about releasing the photos of the soldiers they kill. So come on, Obama, what's the holdup?

So a terrorist mastermind died. And somehow, that manages to bring up more question than answers.

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