Friday, May 27, 2011

Obama hates Israel (Updated)

Yes, I know I missed feel-good Friday, and I apologize. Hopefully I'll swing back into the routine with that later this week. Actually if I was smart I would go ahead, prepare the post, and then schedule it to go up Friday morning, but I'm in the hot and heavy in the middle of a story I'm writing, and honestly I don't even want to be here right now. I'd rather be working on that story. But it's been a crazy week last week, But I do want to talk about this, just a little.

This last week Obama went out and atacked Israel. Obama said so many stupid things about Israel, I can't figure out which one to post first, or how many links to post. I mean, Obummer was so whacked out even the New York Times had to admit the truth: Obama supports Palestine.

In case you missed it, Obama the Muslim went out and and said that Israel has to return to the 1967 border, or as it was promptly dubbed, the Aushwitz border. Here's the link to President Obama bin Muslim's speech, if you want to read it. Apparently, President Obama bin Muslim's plan is to chop the state of Israel right in half so he can connect Gaza - a miserable strip of land that Israel needs to take back with extreme force - with the West Bank. I have several choice words for the president  - none of which I can actually say in public. Those words aside, is Obama bin Muslim insane? Oh, never mind. I forgot that Obama is a Muslim. And the Muslims have been after the Jews ever since the Jews told Muhammad, who was passing himself off as the one true prophet, to go pound sand. I don't have time to deal with all of this hear, but I recommend you read Robert Spencer's book The Truth About Muhammad sometime.

Anyway back to the point. Obama bin Muslim, ever the master of poor taste, apparently made his anti-Israel speech the day before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was supposed to visit. So, as you may imagine, Netanyahu schooled Odummer.

So that's the brief version. The long one would probably take days to figure out, much less tell. The shockwaves from Obama bin Muslim's ridiculous statements are still reverberating.

Update: Don't feel sorry for the Palestinians. They don't deserve your sympathy.

The first video is here, as YouTube pulled it. Here's the video that was made after the first one got pulled.

Here's the second video


  1. You're absolutely right - check out Charles Krauthammer's take:

  2. Wait, isn't Krauthammer a Dem? Wow. Obama screwed this up this time.

    I am more anxious than ever now to get Obama bin Muslim out of the white House.