Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Take on Arizona's New Law & Illegal Immigration

And in case you don't know, Arizona passed a law enforcing the border, and Obama is furious over this. Look at all those lost potential Democrat voters!

Well, now the illegals are protesting, including disrespecting the American flag, and I've have enough of this lunacy. It's like Rush Limbaugh said in his parody of Al Shaprton: "We will continue to act ridiculous until we get what we want."

I've had enough of this lunacy. I really have. So here's a comment that I posted on There's My Two Cents earlier today:

I grow weary of this, especially now that the Mexican government is shown as one big hypocrite.

If you disrespect American culture, get out of the country.

If you think we have to learn Spanish to cater to you, get out of the country.

If you think I need a great job so I can pay for your welfare, get out of the country.

If you think you have a 'right' to be here, without a green card, get out of the country.

If you think you have the right to vote when you're here illegally, get out of the country.

If you think disrespecting my country's flag will endear your plight to me, get out of the country.

If you think I should boycott Arizona because they decided they were tired of the BS from illegals, get out of the country.

If you think Arizona and Texas belong to Mexico, you should consider leaving the country.

If you're sneaking over the border so your child can be born in America and you can stay because he's an American citizen, you should think about leaving.

And if you're an illegal alien, or support illegal aliens being here and want to give them amnesty, you should get out of America. Right now. Because my patience has absolutely, completely run out.

This applies to illegals and Liberals.

I am so sick and tired of this lunacy. I have no patience left for it. If you start speaking Spanish to me, you'd better have your green card ready to show me, because you don't have one, I will kick your butt from here to Arizona and then call the police to report an illegal alien. I am just that angry.

Everyone seems to think that Arizona has some type of human rights violations going. I'm surprised the bloody U.N. hasn't run around screaming about it. But the only things illegals bring to this country is bloodshed and illegal drugs and they only thing they take out is American wealth. You'll get in a butt load of trouble if you're caught in Mexico without your papers, and we're expected to do nothing to protect our own borders? Especially when when illegals are shown to be violent? Are you freaking kidding me? And the ones that aren't shooting people and dealing drugs are still here ILLEGALLY* and either holding jobs that Americans could use or living off American welfare. This bothers me.

So feel free to run around screaming racist and racism and blaming the Republicans and the Tea Party and the Right-wingers and whoever else you feel like blaming, because I no longer care.

And if I find you're here illegally, I will restrain you by force if necessary and I will call the cops.


*For the people who don't know (here's looking at you, Democrats) this means these people are breaking law by being here.

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