Sunday, March 21, 2010

So Now What?

I am tired. All this afternoon I have been on the blogs, and off the blogs, and on, and back off, and making phone calls, and making more phone calls. I have called every Democrat Representative in the state of Indiana and asked them to just say no.

The St. Louis Tea Party is holding a candlelight vigil tonight for the elderly and the unborn who will suffer is Deathcare comes to pass, and Even though I don't live in St Louis, I plan to light a candle too. That starts at seven, and it's six right now, which gives me an hour.

There are five Dems in IN, and I called them. I tried to call Bart Stupack, but couldn't leave a message because his phone box was full.

Then I tried to call Nancy Pelosi. Yes, that Nancy Pelosi. I couldn't figure out what to say to her, so I decided to give her the same message I gave every other Dem: "Please vote no on the healthcare bill." It takes probably less than 45 seconds for me to give my name, hometown, state, and that message.

I was surprised when I called her office that I actually got a living, breathing, human being. For all of ten seconds, for no sooner did I put out the words "no" and "Healthcare" than I was asked to hold, and then shipped over to an answering machine. Nice.

So I guess it was sort of pointless to call Pelosi, just like I was told. I thought I would try it anyway. I knew going in I would not be able to change her mind, but I thought I should leave no stone unturned.

Heaven help us. We're all going to need it now.

Rise Against - Prayer of the Refugee

Addendum: The Tea Party is burning red candles for the victims of Deathcare. I don't have a red candle; I'll just burn the one I've got.

6:20 pm right now. I should probably start looking for something to light that candle with.

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