Thursday, November 20, 2008

You'd better be a Government Pet, or No Bailout for You

I know Nancy Pelosi and Dingy Harry are dumb, but this is insane.

They can can tax us, print more money, and go further into debt with China and Japan to save their precious financial pets, but when I turn on Fox News, all I here is Congress ratting out the owners of GM and Chrysler and everything else.

"So, who's going to be the first to sell their private jet?"

Well, here's an idea, Mr. Congressman, YOU sell YOUR Private jet. Then our tax money won't have to pay for your gas, along with bailing out your precious Democratic pets, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. But that's a different rant for another time.

I love how they can come up with $ 700 billion for the financial market, but not $ 25 million for the automotive industry. The irony makes me want to laugh.

This is foolish. And it proves something. One of the Automakers asked what Congress would have done if instead of automakers, they had been bankers. Good question. Being as Congress didn't give Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac the third degree when those two needed a bailout, I think we know what the answer is.

Another laughable comment I heard the other day was a Congressman saying that the American people don't want to be stuck paying for this bailout. Let me tell you something, bub, we didn't wanna pay for the first one, but you shoved it through Congress anyway.

This is beyond stupid. I've had to forgo watching FOX news recently because I just can't take it.

For the sake of jobs everywhere, I hope the Big Three get the money they need. I also hope that come next election, most of Congress loses their jobs.

After all, we just paid how many millions of dollars to the financial industry to save them? The twenty-five million the Big Three wants is pittance in comparison.

Begun 11-20-08
Completed 11-25-08


  1. That's incorrect, there is a bailout for us and it's through whome the government is bailing out. The bailout is causing lenders to practically give away money. You would be surprised at how much cheap and in some cases "free" money is going around out there.

    Bailouts for Everyone

  2. Thanks for the comment, Mberenis, but I have a problem with some of that.

    Free money? There's no such thing as free money. Someone always has to pay for it, somehow.