Monday, October 6, 2008

The Creation Museum

My last posts were rather short, and I decided I needed a longer one. So, I thought, How about a post about the Creation Museum? I can add pictures and make it really neat.

I never get tired of going to the Creation Museum (which is saying something becuase I've been there several times already.) If you ever visit, don't miss the Men in White theater.
Alright, the pics are ready. Now, let's go!

Good. I got the first picture up. Here (blocked by the dinosaur statue) is one set of doors to the museum.

Here you can see a larger picture of those doors.

The main hall of the museum.

Here we can see the Wonders of Creation room.

Here we are in Grafitti Alley.

This is the Dragon hall bookstore.

Inside Noah's Cafe.

And these last three pictures are of some of the outdoor gardens. I hope you enjoyed this small taste of the Museum, and I hope you visit there, too. For more information about the Museum, click here.


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