Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another OC

Yep. For new FFN story that I can't quite figure out a title for. (Yet.)

This, is a Winx Club - reminiscent character, yes. But I didn't want to draw my own picture, and I wanted to use her for something. This is Titania.

I thought the design was really cool, but who am I to say. I plan to give some energy powers, and hydrokinesis. (Which is near useless in this Sonic the Hedgehog story. The fact it's an StH story probably makes this even worse. But whatever.)
Made using the Winx Club fairy makeover game. To make your own character like this, follow the pretty hyperlink.
Winx Club belongs to Ignio Straffi. Fairy makeover game belongs to Konami. Titania belongs to The All Real numbers Symbol.

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