Thursday, September 16, 2010

Video Post

Well, I've had some videos sitting up there in my favorites bar for a while now, and I think it's time to get them out and post them here.

But first, remember America Rising? it's such a good video I'm going to repost it:

Personally, I thought this follow-up video was enjoyable:

The following song was written by a Tennessee football coach, who got together and made it with a friend. he emailed it to his student's families and promptly got in trouble for it. I hope he can keep his job.

But the song, I think, is still a good one. Enjoy.

When Your Holdin' a Hammer (Everything Looks Like a Nail)

We The People

There's one more video on my list, but that one will wait for a different day. In the meantime, please enjoy these.


  1. Those are good ones! I have yet to figure out how to post videos on my blog...


  2. Thanks!

    To post a video in blogger, you have to use the 'Edit HTML' Tab. On the Create Post page there are two tabs; one says 'compose,' the other says 'edit HTML.' Click on 'Edit HTML,' and paste the embed code for the video you want onto the page. After that, you should be able to set it back to compose and it will show you a black outline of where the video is going be in your final post.

    If you use videos from YouTube, YouTube lets you choose a size for the embedded video. (I accidentally picked an embed code for a vid that was too big for my blog, as you can see up there.)

    Anyway, I hope that helps!

  3. Thanks a bunch!! I'll try it and see what happens. :-)