Saturday, September 11, 2010

Project 2,996 Tribute - Pamela Chu

It bothered me when I saw her name on the list of unclaimed victims on the website. It bothered me even more when I typed her name into Google and found nothing. The entire world at my fingertips with Google and I couldn't find a trace of this 9/11 victim anywhere.

but a bit of further looking turned up one hit for her: a profile printed by the New york Times and later reprinted in the book Portraits Of Grief.

According to this profile, Ms. Chu was born in Korea, but moved to America with her parents when she was two years old. She graduated from the University of Buffalo and went to work for Cantor Fitzgerald shortly afterward. According to a friend, she was cool under pressure and never stressed out over things. She was both the only Asian and only woman in her department.

And she was only 31 when she died.

May the victims of 9/11, their families, those who died trying to save them, and those who survived, never be forgotten. may we never forget teh soldier who protect us, even now. And may we never stop trying to defend our freedoms.

NEVER FORGET 9/11/2001

Click here for the tribute to Christopher M. Colasanti.


  1. These are the people who did everything right. They graduated from college, then went to work in high-ranking jobs in a beautiful skyscraper. Those animals murdered the best and the brightest among us.

  2. Yes the victims did. And yes the terrorists did. And that's why I don't ever want to forget. No one deserves to die the way the people in the WTC and the sites of the other attacks did. No matter what any dumb liberal does, I don't want to forget the ones who died that day.