Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So Yeah

Normal banner's back up. Yay!

I'd like to thank my newest follower. Thank You! As some people might see, I have added the followers do-hickey to my blog, and added a couple more links to the Conservative Corner. Now I'm having trouble with that too. But it seems to have passed.

Tonight I put up my pro-Israel poster. Now I need a great pro-Israel link to go with it. I wonder where I can get one. I saw a news story that cheered me up today? Remember how Obama was thumbing his nose to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while the PM was visiting? (Or maybe you saw my rant about it. Ranting is good for your blood pressure. Try it sometime. You'll feel better when you're done - especially if you write it out.) Well today I saw a blog post over on Gateway Pundit about how Americans are sending the PM about 10,000 yellow roses as a sign of friendship. It cheered me up immensely.

Here is the link to the Gateway Pundit story. And here is a link to the Jerusalem post article on it. i hope the flowers get delivered soon, though I admit it might take some time for a shipment of flowers that large to get delivered.

Then tonight I went back to Gateway Pundit and proceeded to about have a heart attack at this headline: "Netanyahu Cancels Trip to Nuclear Summit."

OBAMA'S HOLDING A NUCLEAR SUMMIT!?!? We are so SCREWED! Who elected this hippy?!?! "Come, my brothers, and we will all live in harmony in a nuke-free world."

Yeah. Right. listen to me veeerryy carefully. PEACE IS A TWO WAY STREET. You cannot have peace unless the other country wants peace. I have a bad feeling that is going to blow up in our face, spectacularly.

Kudos to Netanyahu for just saying no.

The news is bad for my mental health. But keeping one's head buried in the sand is how we got into this mess in the first place, so I'll keep pressing on.

I wish I had covered all my tracks completely
'Cause I'm so afraid
Is that the light at the far end of the tunnel,
Or just the train?

... I forget the last time I felt brave
I just recall uncertainty
'Cause it came down like a tidal wave,
and sorrow swept over me.

Depression please cut to the chase
And cut a long story short....
- Owl City, Tidal Wave

Thanks to whoever made the Star of David clip art that I used for both the banner and the poster. I appreciate it. Drawing a Star of David in MS Paint is pretty hard.

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