Wednesday, July 29, 2009


After a bit of deliberation, I've decided to add a "What I do For Fun" section, which will host important links and links I use daily. (Except for links to my favorite Conservative blogs. Those will stay in the Conservative Corner.)

This occurred to me after I got back from vacation. While I was on vacation, I didn't have all of my visited sites stored on the computer. Indeed, I didn't even have Google toolbar, though I still had Google itself. To get to FFN, I went into my blogger profile, and followed the hyperlink to my FFN profile, and from there went around the site. But when I wanted to look something up, for example, it was rather annoying. None of my links were there.

So now I have the beginnings of a new link holder. Now if I could just get my stupid world clocks sorted out... pretty soon I'll take the Oregon one down anyway, because I think my friends are back from Oregon now. Anyway...

Oh, and there is no link to YouTube. Even though I use use YouTube for more than just music, every link in the song list is a link to YouTube. So I didn't think another link was necessary. More links may arrive later as needed.

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