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Let's Make a Case and Impeach Obama

If you've ever looked at my blog, you'll quickly learn I am no fan of Obama. The country is going to pieces around his ears, and he's doing everything in his power to help tear it down.

I want Obama impeached. Which is a good place to start, but liberals said the same thing about Bush, so I'll need a good case before I can get anywhere.

Federalist Papers #69

The President of the United States would be liable to be impeached, tried, and, upon conviction of treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors, removed from office; and would afterwards be liable to prosecution and punishment in the ordinary course of law.

High Crimes and misdemeanors. I don't know; someone out there help me with this: Is attempting to turn the U.S. into a socialist nation a high crime or misdemeanor? I think it is.

Thinking, however, is not enough. I'll have to prove it. Ladies and Gentlemen of the ... blog, I move that in everything Obama has done in his first sixty days in office, Obama has done nothing short of disservice to America. I move that Obama has failed in office and abused his powers.

In the past, Congress has issued Articles of Impeachment for acts in three general categories:

-Exceeding the constitutional bounds of the powers of the office.

-Behavior grossly incompatible with the proper function and purpose of the

-Employing the power of the office for an improper purpose or for personal

I move that Obama has failed in the duties of his office, and used his powers for improper use, frankly, he has used them to turn this democracy into a socialist nation. Here I give you a shortened list of the powers of the President:

Powers of the President
- Serve as commander in chief of all U.S. armed forces

- Commission officers of the armed forces

- Grant pardons and reprieves from Federal offenses (except impeachments)

- Receive foreign ambassadors

- Take care that Federal laws are faithfully executed

- Wield the "executive power"

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to call your attention to number four of that list. Recieving foreign amdassadors. I move that Obama improperly recieved a foreign ambassador, the Prime Minister of Great Britian, Gordon Brown. The President failed to hold a state dinner or a press reception the leader of our very important ally. Was there no one in the state department who understood how to recieve foreign dignitaries? And if there were, did Obama ven ask for thier advice? This was not only extremely insulting to our ally, it was very embarrasing for America as a whole.

I also move, Ladies and Gentlemen, that Obama is abusing his executive power by flippantly spending money most American put in 40-hour work weeks to earn. With his $3.6 trillion dollar budget and and the combined price of the stimulus bills, which comes out to $1,197, 000,000,000.00, Obama has saddled our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren with nearly $4 trillion in debt. His flippant spending has caused the dollar to drop in value in a way not seen in twenty-five years, ladies and gentlemen, and I quote:

The dollar dropped the most against the currencies of six major U.S. trading partners since the Plaza Accord almost a quarter-century ago as the Federal Reserve’s plan to purchase Treasuries spurred speculation that it’s debasing the greenback.

...The U.S. currency weakened beyond $1.37 per euro this week for the first time since January as the central bank’s decision to increase its balance sheet by $1.15 trillion lowered yields, making American assets less attractive. The Norwegian krone and the New Zealand dollar rallied as the Fed’s move spurred advances in commodities.

The dollar depreciated 4.8 percent to $1.3582 per euro yesterday, from $1.2928 on March 13. The U.S. currency touched $1.3738 on March 19, the weakest level since Jan. 9. The dollar also fell 2.1 percent to 95.94 yen from 97.95. The euro increased for a fifth week versus the yen, gaining 2.9 percent to 130.29 after touching 130.49 yesterday, the highest level since Dec. 18.

Due to this developemnet, the United Nations is recommending that the rest of the world dump the U.S. dollar in favor of other currency. Ladies and gentlemen, I believe this would have a disatrous effect on our country.

President Obama has also isolated us from our allies, not limited to Great Britian, but also slighting our ally against Russia, Poland, by promising Russia we would not help Poland build a missile sheild.

"President Kaczynski [the president of Poland] raised missile defense, but President-elect Obama made no commitment on it. His position is as it was throughout the campaign: that he supports deploying a missile defense system when the technology is proved to be workable," McDonough said.

And also...

"During the discussion, both sides emphasized that relations between Russia and the USA are priority ones for both parties and that their positive development is crucial not only for the peoples of the two countries but also for the wider international community," a statement from the Kremlin said.

Ladies and gentlemen, Russia is a communist country. They are and have been our enemy for many, many years. Why is it a priority that we fix relations our enemies?

President Obama's Secratary of State, Hillary Clinton, has insulted Israel, another of our allies, and scolded Tibet.

When he is not insulting our allies and charming our enemies, he is busy seizing the private sector:

I urge you to consider this extremely disturbing developement (emphasis mine):

The Obama administration is considering asking Congress to give the Treasury secretary unprecedented powers to initiate the seizure of non-bank financial companies, such as large insurers, investment firms and hedge funds, whose collapse would damage the broader economy, according to an administration document.

The government at present has the authority to seize only banks.

Do you understand the implications here? This means that the federal government can come out and whip up panic about any company, saying it's 'too big to fail', and then simply take over it in the interest of protecting the 'broader economy'.

I wish someone would tell me how this is beneficial to America. Need I remind everyone what happened to the USSR? From Conservative blogger 2cents:

What happened to the idea that failing businesses should fail? This is everything that American capitalism fought against when it was first formed. This is classic socialism, and a giant step toward outright Communism, where the State controls everything. This is what the Obama administration has been doing: whipping up panic, then swooping in and taking over.

This is the first leg of a complete government takeover of America. If the financial industry -- including investments and the stock market -- falls, you can count on energy and health care coming next. When that happens, America as we know it -- and as the Founders designed and intended it -- will cease to exist. When the government controls your savings, your income, your investments, your ability to travel to/from work or leisure locations, the cost of all goods (through energy), and every decision about what medical treatments you can or cannot obtain, what is left?

Nothing. You have become a slave to government, and America has become transformed into a communist state.

Ladies and gentlemen, do we really want this to happen? Everything Obama has done in his first 67 days in office has been little more than a gross misuse of power with the intent to turn this country into a socialized nation. It would take more time than I have to point out everything Obama has done wrong. There are 1393 days until Obama leaves office but, ladies and gentlemen, we can impeach any president for treason, bribery, or other high crimes and midemeanors. I move that everything Obama has done this far has been nothing more than a high crime against America as we know it.

Perhaps, ladies and gentlemen of the blog, you will look at this evidence and decide that there is not enough evidence to warrant impeachment. Perhaps there is not. But I do not doubt that at some point, undeniable evidence of President Obama's misdemeanors will come to light.

The prosecution rests... for now.

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