Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On Same-Sex Marriage

I thought this was an interesting article, so I decided to post a bit of it. For the whole column, follow the link back to RightNetwork.

Article by Stuart Schneiderman

The Grand Pantomime: There Is No Such Thing as Same-Sex Marriage
Same-sex marriage is a fiction. Even if everyone believes that the fiction is real.

When a happy young couple says “I do,” their marriage is contingent on their performing a specific sexual act.

If they want to make their marriage real, they must consummate it. And that means that the meaning of marriage lies in the possibility of procreation. A marriage unconsummated is not a marriage. It is nullified, as though the ceremony had never happened.

To become real, a marriage requires the possibility of conception. It does not require conception. Failure to conceive has never been grounds for nullification. Older, presumably infertile, couples are allowed to marry because if they had performed the same act in the past they might have conceived a child.

From its inception, the institution of marriage has always granted male/female couples the presumption of fertility. A couple that can never, between themselves, perform the generative sexual act cannot be married, regardless of what the state and the courts say.

Moreover, marriage has always been a universal human institution. If Jack and Jane are married in Paducah or in Xian they will be commonly recognized as such anywhere in the world. You cannot say the same of Jack and Jim, regardless of whether they were married in Boston or Buenos Aires. If Jack and Jim travel the world and present themselves as a married couple, most people will be sufficiently polite not to challenge them. But they will look askance at Jack and Jim. ...

... What happens if Jack and Jim are declared by the state to be married? At the least, everyone will be required to play along, for fear of hurting their feelings.
Anyone who might be inclined to tell the truth will be forced to shut up.

Most people know that same-sex couples are not really married. Some of them are too polite to say so. Others are being cowed into going along.

After all, it’s just a harmless illusion, so why not just go along?

Not to be too dramatic, but what happens to us when we are forced to accept that reality is what we say it is? What happens to us when we believe that we can change reality by controlling what people say and how they think?

All of a sudden, this does not feel quite so harmless.
It's a good article, so I encourage you to follow the link back and read the whole think.

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