Friday, November 12, 2010

If You Don't Like the American Flag, Move to Iran

I'm mad. And I know what you're thinking: TARNS, we had a great victory not long ago, why are you upset?

I'm mad because even though we've just spayed them, Democrats are still everywhere. I can't stand them, and I can't get away from them either. What really set me off this week was my reading assignment in my English Composition class over at college.

So I was reading this essay by a Democrat who was whining and griping about how white Conservative men are against single moms getting welfare, and how we need to raise minimum wage and make life easier on these welfare moms. (Good thing the idiot who wrote essay was nowhere in the vicinity, or I might have committed an act that the Tea Party would frown upon.)

I'm getting so sick of liberals (and Democrats, but those two terms are interchangeable.) They have this spiel that life should be fair for everyone. If life was fair, then I wouldn't be force-fed liberal bull crap every other time I went to do my homework. If I can't trust you to be fair in a textbook, then give me one good reason I should let you try and legislate my life to make it fair? No answer? Didn't think so. Would it kill anyone out there to put an Ann Coulter column in my textbook so I can have a palate cleanser of after listening to liberals carry on?

Anyway, this dumb prick in the textbook whined that we need to do better at teaching abstinence/safe sex and we need to raise the minimum wage. Ah, the classic stupid liberal arguments.

ABSTINENCE not only prevent unwanted pregnancy, but it also prevents the transmission of STDs. But no one teaches abstinence in public schools, or when they do it's taught right next to 'safe sex.' Heck, there are even fliers in the student lounge at my college about HIV/AIDS, and they tell teens that the best way to not get AIDS is to abstain, but if you don't want to abstain, then use a condom.

I have bad news: condoms are not fail proof. Sorry (except I'm not.)

And the minimum wage argument. This is where liberals truly prove that they have the collective intelligence of a box a rocks. They think it is SO great to up minimum wage. Well, I have more bad news. When minimum wage goes up and businesses are forced to pay workers more, there are two ways the businesses handle this increase. First, they fire people. Then, they pass the cost onto the consumer by raising the cost of their goods. So now your welfare mother is not only unemployed, she can't afford the now more expensive box of cereal to feed her kid. This is where the government comes in to help, and we get to start this miserable cycle all over again.

At this time, I would like to add that the author of the liberal spiel is also SEXIST, because I'm a white Conservative WOMAN who doesn't want to see the minimum wage go up. Just thought I'd toss that out there.

What actually drove me to carp about this over here on my blog is this report from Gateway Pundit that another dumb school is upset a kid had an American flag; this time the kid had it on his bike. You know, if you don't like what the American flag stands for (because believe me, it's not about the flag, it's about what that flag stands for) then you can leave. I'll pay for your plane ticket to France or Iran, take your pick. But it's only gonna be one way.

I know that some people don't like America, but I'm tired of it being the ones who live in America who don't like it. If you don't like it, stop dragging my country down. Just leave.

In fact, I'd really like it if you left. Then I wouldn't have to read anymore stupid liberal spiel in my textbooks.


  1. You go, girl! You have more economics intelligence than 99% of liberals. It's a simple equation...when you force businesses to spend more money, they will pass the cost on to the consumer and/or lower their overhead. The problem is, most of the Democrats in high office have never held a real job in the real world.

  2. Thank you. We never had to discuss that essay in class, so no liberals were harmed, I'm glad to report. But the essay was still very frustrating, and I wonder what kind of grade I'll get back on it.