Friday, June 25, 2010

And back to Cynical Book!

Yes, that poor other blog of mine, left abandoned for so long, is finally being put back to work, being used to host a modern events story. Yay! Oh, I have lots of work to do over there, and that's not even counting the work I have to do on the story.

The template designer... man, I hate that thing. What happened to all the old templates? Like the ones I've used on my blogs? I thought that maybe I should see if there are some other templates I'd like to try, but I couldn't find the old ones and all the new ones are just dumb. I prefer the simplistic approach of the old templates; the new ones have no spot for my blog banner and on Cynical Book it takes my sticky post - which is supposed to be at the top of the page - and puts it down on the very bottom. That's annoying.

But enough complaining. I have finally felt secure enough to take my pro-Israel banner down... for now. Much as I love the pretty blue and white, it feels more normal to have the regular, same-old-same-old banner back up.

I ran into some trouble this morning trying to get to Gateway Pundit's blog. Anyone know what the deal with that is? Is it just my computer, or something else? Every time I tried to go over there my virus software said that there was some malware or something there. (This is another annoying thing, because I'd kinda like to see the news.)

Well, i think I'll go try GP's blog again, and see if I can get over there. Also, there is a new banner in the works for New Revolution - Cynical Book. (Which I will most likely continue to refer to only as Cynical Book.) Here's the link to CB. I'd love to have some people reading the story. :D

But I'll close this post for now.

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