Monday, August 10, 2009

Musings of a Numbers Symbol...

I am revamping Cynical Book. I don't know quite yet what I'm going to do with it, but I get the feeling it will no longer simply be about global warming/climate change/ whatever. I'll keep pondering what to do with it for now.

I finally got around to adding RonMossad to my Conservative Corner... and since not every blog down there is Conservative specific, I changed a few things. Read his blog. He's good.

I have now signed up for Project 2,996, and am going to be doing my best to write a tribute for at least one of the victims of 9/11.

School started again today. This year I'm taking a Keyboarding class. This should be interesting. See, I logged onto FFN back in 2007, and I've been typing ever since. The truth is that now I'm actually learning to type, and it's kind of funny because despite, I guess not being to type 'properly,' I've logged nearly 70 stories and who knows how many forum posts on FanFiction.Net, then we have the fact that between DR4I and Cynical Book I've written well over 100 blog posts and I've left probably nearly 200 comments over at There's My Two Cents ... And all without ever knowing how to type.

Speaking of 9/11, it's almost time to break out the 9/11 banner again... I didn't realize September was so close.

I've nearly gotten done watching Loose Change. This is the only version I'll watch. It has a nice, through debunking of every last shred of "evidence" Dylan Avery found.

And that's all my musings for now. Ciao!


  1. Thanks for adding me to your roll - if you give me your email address I can add you to my mailing list for updates.

    ronmossad at gmail

  2. Sorry it took me so long to get you up there. The blogroll is new, but you should have been up on my bloglist over there a long time ago.

    Thanks for the offer, I will definitely take it into consideration, and email you if I decide to join.